Education is an important aspect that plays a huge role in the modern, industrialized world. Education gives us knowledge of the world around us. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. An educated person knows how to deal with different types of problems. Through the right education, a person can develop good moral values. It helps us to become a good human being. YUVA ART FOUNDATION provide you that opportunity to develop your vision. we have roots here, now grow with us. 


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Management courses are an outstanding medium that can facilitate the improvement of various qualities such as leadership and innovation. There are lots of benefits of studying Management courses. 

We believe in total development.

It is a certified course.

Compulsory out of state project.

100 % Placement in our Production House.

Course Duration : 6 month



India is currently the biggest cinema market in the world. India has a longstanding reputation for its acclaimed film industry and continues to be by far the world’s largest producer of films. 

Make your career in film industry.

Course Duration : 4 month

100 % work allotment in our projects.

Certified course

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The set, light and costume design are the most important part of the concept. The overall look of the set gives the audience information about the director’s concept and creates a new home for  the model to interact with. It gives the photographer its shots by creating a range of frames through which to tell the story of the campaign.

Course Duration : 6 month

100 Work placement

Certified Course



From last 10 years, We are leading this academy & offering courses in the stream of Classical Dance including Bharatanatyam, Kathaks (7Yrs. Course. Running) western dance, singing, DJing, musical instruments learning, yoga and others... 

All of them are Certified courses recognized Nationwide.

Trained & Certified Faculties are available.

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